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Appointment Services

Chris-on-Call offers clients the chance to continue on with their day while a fully vetted Chris-on-Call staff member waits at your home during those install/repair/delivery service windows. For a nominal hourly rate, you no longer have to spend hours waiting on another service to arrive, no more worrying about packages being stolen or installs/repairs being rescheduled.

Our appointment services include:

  • House Sitting
  • Pet Sitting
  • Mail Pickup
  • Monitoring Scheduled Home maintenance/installs/deliveries
  • Well person visits – check on loved ones to make sure they’re ok
  • And more! – Our staff have done pet feeding and play time, and other home services such as perimeter checks while you’re away

Driver Services

Save gas, hassle and hours in your day with Chris-on-Call’s professional concierge driving services. Our licensed and insured staff can provide the driving and delivery help you need so your day runs smoothly. The following services are available in 3 levels:

  • Economy – ideal for deliveries, errands/tasks, or quick trips. Seats up to 3 guests comfortably
  • Business – perfect for working during the commute; rear seat charging capabilities and in-car wifi. Seats up to 4 guests comfortably
  • BusinessPlus – for the absolute ultimate commute. Seats 4 guests comfortably.

Driver Services include:

  • Grocery/Store Pickup & Delivery
  • Food Delivery – Any restaurant
  • Airport Pickup & Drop-off
  • Event Pickup and Drop-off – front door service, no parking hassles
  • City Tours
  • Transportation to and from work/school (ages 12+ years)
  • Nights on the Town – examples; Casinos, Parties, Movies
  • Business contracts – Benefits:
    • increase productivity when staff can schedule us to take family members to appointments or activities instead of having to miss work.
    • Also show your VIP visitors that your business thinks of every detail from the time they step foot on the ground.
  • Chris-on-Call staff can also drive your own vehicle – this comes in handy when there are car seats involved

Our customers include:

  • Seniors: we offer live-agent scheduling, no need to book on-line
  • Students: is your child at least 12 years of age? If so, no need to worry about school or afterschool activities transportation, we can get them where they need to be. Same-sex driver requests allowed.
  • Professionals: busy and want to  add more time to your day? We can drive you to and from work, the airport, and meetings while you work in the car. We also are perfect for your daily errands/tasks; dry cleaning, pharmacy, groceries, food, etc. We deliver directly to you.
  • Everyday People: car broke down, don’t have a credit card, whatever the reason, Chris-on-Call drivers can take you where you need to be, and we accept cash. Too busy for a lunch break; we can deliver food to you from anywhere.
  • Businesses: need delivery services? want to increase employee loyalty? Contact Chris-on-Call to get a custom proposal to be a delivery driver for your goods, and/or to be a value-add program to your employees. Also we’re great ground transportation for your visiting VIPs, show them your company thinks of all details.
  • Everyone: Chris-on-Call is safe, secure, licensed, and insured. We accept multiple forms of payment for ease and convenience, and you can speak with a live person with any questions or scheduling needs. Schedule repeat transportation all at one time, and know that you are supporting local business while getting the most professional and respectful service around.

Please visit our Prestige Services tab for our next level offerings.


Contact Chris-on-Call today for quality driving solutions and appointment services that you won’t find anywhere else. We personalize our services for each client and focus on making the experience as convenient and comfortable as possible for you. You choose your service level; Economy, Business, BusinessPlus – no matter your level, our clients are always treated with professionalism and respect.

Chris-on-Call, LLC also can contract with your business. Show the world your business supports diversity and local business by partnering with us, a locally owned and City of Memphis and Shelby County certified SBE & M/WBE.

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